We at Prana Healthcare Centre understand that disease is something that needs to be understood and treated with a multidimensional approach. Eliminating diseases at the origin/ grass root level is our operating methodology.

Patients that come to us, are examined thoroughly and their basic Prakruti/ Constitution is analyzed. The Agni (Metabolism) is then determined, which further aids in diagnosing the correct ailment.

A step by step treatment plan is then executed keeping in mind the person’s diet, activity, lifestyle and seasonal effects on the health.

Medical partner: 550+ medicines
from Vaidyratnam Oushadhasala, Thrissur, Kerala


Founder's MESSAGE

What is the true source of happiness? It is a query that has given many of us sleepless nights. A query that can be answered in many a words or even in absolute silence. A search that is so complex and yet so simple, and a journey that ends where it begins. With every waking moment of my life, I have discovered newer truths about happiness at large. I have had the privilege and opportunity to travel and interact with people across several countries, cultures, nationalities, race, communities. And the one common aspiration I found almost all of us at large had and have, is the pursuit of Happiness & Peace.

As I travelled from one experience to another, one career to another, one city to another, I came to realise oh how little we know of the prowess of our own Body, Mind, and Soul. It is indeed true, that a healthy body becomes the home for a strong mind and a spirited soul... as is demonstrated in our philosophy, at Prana Healthcare Centre. We at Prana, function with a larger focus on..

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