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Prana Academy for Healthcare Studies

Interactive study courses on Ayurveda & Nutrition

Good health begins at home and in your kitchen… and if you can learn the art of Ayurvedic healthcare and nutritional diet, you can eliminate common diseases at the root and prepare yourself and your family for a strong and healthy future!.

Join us for
Open house: 
Join us for open house discussions at Prana Healthcare centre, to engage and discuss with our panel of Doctors and Professors on healthcare, the syllabus and course material.  Open houses are conducted regularly, Pls ask our front desk for dates. 

Seminars and Workshops 
You can also sign up for educational seminars, workshops on Ayurveda and its daily applications, Garbha Sanskara for expecting mothers, Child healthcare, Preventive Healthcare, Nutritional diets and other interesting topics. 

Interactive Course on Ayurveda Science & Nutrition
Beginners course Level 1: 8-days
Intermediate course Level 2:  8 days

Sign up for an interactive and intense 8-day course on Ayurveda & Nutrition, to get a simplified understanding of various Ayurvedic concepts such as Tridoshas, Saptha Dhatus, Panchmahabhoot, Malas. Amongst many topics, you will also learn about ayurvedic concepts like Dinachraya (daily routine) and Ritucharya (Seasonal routine), and their application in day to day life; Ayurvedic understanding of health and disease and how to help yourself and your family to build stronger a immune system. 

Our teaching Doctors enable the students to do a self-analysis of their Prakruti, and design lifestyle changes as per individual Prakruti. Dive in further to learn about Ayurvedic Shadarasa, Aharvidhi, ayurvedic kitchen herbs, home remedies and Ayurvedic cosmetics, and gain understanding of ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment and its benefits.

Time and Date(s) on request

Professors and Doctors: