Each one of us has a unique metabolic systemand a unique human constitution(Prakruti).

At Prana Healthcare Centre, we understand that No two bodies are the same, and thus no two treatment processes can be the same. The need of the hour is to treat a patient and the disease with a multidimensional approach.As against doing a symptomatic treatment, Ayurveda treatments are tailor made to an individual’s Prakruti, to eliminate the disease at the root.

Any individual that walks into our center for a healthcare solution is given a holistic care, beginning with a detailed diagnosis of their body, Naadi-pariksha (pulse reading), and Prakruti analysis. The Agni (Metabolism) is determined, which further aids in diagnosing the correct ailment. A step by step treatment plan is designed and administered to the patient, keeping in mind the person’s diet, activity, lifestyle, and seasonal effects on the health.

  • Prakruti analysis
  • Understanding the diet and eating habits of the individual.
  • Diet advice and guidelines
  • Medicines
  • Panchakarma / detoxification treatment

The patient feedback and follow-up prognosis are further analyzed to dynamically modify the treatment process on a day to day basis, to achieve optimal health benefits.