Ayurveda Treatment Process

Personalized Diet Chart Consultation Based On Individual Prakriti

  • Ayurveda Therapies and Body treatment

      01 Panchakarma treatment
      02 Abhyangam (Body Massage & Steam Bath) (two hands / four hands)
      03 Herbal Bath
      04 Ubtan (Herbal Ayurvedic body polish)
      Advisable for: removing dead skin cells, skin texturizing, de-tan.
      05 Abhyanga (Foot massage)
      Herbal oil massage followed by herbal feet mask and steam
      Advisable for: Footcare, dryness and cracks.
      06 Siro Abhyanga (Head massage)
      Herbal oil - Head massage for relaxation
      07 Abhyanga (Neck & shoulder massage)
      08  Stress away (Body massage and poultice massage)
      Abhyangam and Poultice massage filled with herbal powders cooked in herbal oil
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders , Neurological disorders, and Pain relief

      01 Navarakizhi (Body revive)
      Poultice massage filled with traditional red rice cooked in milk.
      Advisable for: Neurological disorders, Chronic body ache, Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis as directed by Doctor.
      02 Marma Therapy (Deep tissue)
      Advisable for: Pain relief
      03 Marma Therapy (Deep tissue)
      Neck / Back for pain relief / Naval for digestion
      04 Elakizhi (Herbal leaves Poultice massage)
      Oil and poultice massage, with fresh Herbal leaves cooked in herbal oils).
        Advisable for: Inflammation, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Joint disorders, Varicose veins
      05 Choorna Kizhi (Poultice massage with Herbal powders)
        Oil massage followed by a Poultice massage filled with warm herbal powders.
      Advisable for: Pain Relief, Relaxation, to relieve inflammation
      06 Upanaham (Ayurveda body wrap)
      Advisable for: frozen shoulders, knee-joint disorders, or other localized pain
      07 Kati Vasti (lower back) /  Greeva vasti (neck) / Janu Vasti (Both Knees) 
      Pool of oil placed on affected area, To be done continuously for minimum 7 sessions or as advised by the Doctor.
      Advisable for: Joint disorders, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, spondylitis, Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatism, Spinal and Knee joint disorders
      08 Naranga-kizhi (Poultice massage with lemon and herbs) 
      Advisable for: Patient with Ama (toxin) conditions, rheumatoid conditions, as directed by Doctor.
      09 Lepam (Pain relieving herbs applied around the Knees)
      Advisable for: patients with Arthritis, pain, swelling, joint disorders
      10 Pizhichil (Oil bath) 
      Advisable for: patients with Neurological disorders, Musculoskeletal disorders, Paralysis, joint disorders, Osteoporosis, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, as directed by Doctor.
      11 Spine Dhara (Pools of oil throughout the spinal region)
      Advisable for: patients with spinal-cord disorders, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, as directed by Doctor.
  • Detoxification, Weight loss, Disease prevention

      01 Kashaya Vasti (Detox with Herbal enema)
      Advisable for: detoxification, weight loss, purification of gut
      02 Sneha Vasti (Matra vasti - Oil based Enema)
      Advisable for: Vitamin D deficiencies, bone related disorders, for a healthy gut and detoxification
      03 Udwartanam (Scrub and trim with herbal powders)
      Advisable for: inch loss, stubborn fat areas
  • Head and Neck disorders

      01 Shirodhara (Herbal oil dripped on forehead)
      Oil is dripped rhythmically at a particular height over the forehead in a continuous stream – Tratak marma
      Advisable for: Deep relaxation, Sleep disorders, Insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, parkinson, alzheimer, and to balance the mental doshas
      02 Takradhara (Buttermilk cooked in herbal decoction dripped on forehead)
      Oil is dripped rhythmically at a particular height over the forehead in a continuous stream – Tratak marma
      Advisable for: skin disorders like Psoriasis, eczema, etc.
      03 Shiro Pichu (Holding herbal oil over the crown)
      Advisable for: young adults and children with ADHD, Anxiety, stress, learning disorders, sleeping disorders
      04 Thala Pothichil (Hair treatment)
      Advisable for: treating hair loss, premature greying, insomnia as advised by Dr
      05 Ksheera Dhooma (Face steam with medicated herbs cooked in milk)
      Advisable for: facial muscle disorder, facial palsy
      04 Nasyam (Instilling herbal oils / powders / decoction in the nasal passage) 
      Advisable for: clearing sinuses, relieving neck pain and any disorder above the neck like thyroid, premature greying, facial palsy, migraines.
      04 Shiro Vasthy (Placing pool of oil over the head with a mould)
      Advisable for: migraines, hairloss, facial palsy, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress
      04 Netra Tharpanam (placing pool of herbal ghrutham over the eyes)
      Advisable for: improving eyesight, and eye related disorders as advised by Doctors.
  • Face and scalp treatments

      01 Prana signature Facial 
      Advisable once a month, for Anti Pigmentation, Anti-ageing and improving texture of the skin.
      02 Prana anti dandruff treatment
      03 Prana Hair care 
      Oil massage followed by steam and hair mask with herbs
      04 Pre-Natal care (Detox)
      Advisable: for couples (men and women) before planning children
  • Ayurveda Panchakarma - Detox Packages

      01 Detox Packages: (1 day / 3 day / 5 day / 8 day / 16 day / 40 days)
      Post diagnosis, individual clients would receive personalized diet chart and customized treatment package that maybe a combination of: 
      Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Matra Vasti, Kashaya Vasti, Potli swedanam nasyam, Lepam, Navrakizhi, Pichizil, Udwaratanam 
  • Fat Loss and detoxification Packages

      01 Extensive Weight loss package (10 sessions / 22 sessions) 
      Post diagnosis, individual clients would receive personalized diet chart and customized treatment package that maybe a combination of: 
      Abhyangam, Matra Vasti, Udawartanam, Kashaya Vasti, Lekhanya basti, Lepam
  • Bridal, Skin, Haircare Packages

      01 Bridal package (9 sessions)
      Post diagnosis, individual brides would receive personalized diet chart and customized treatment packages based on skin, hair and body type: 
      Abhyangam and steam bath, Body scrub, Body wrap and facial, Shirodhara, Navrakizhi, Foot massage, Head massage and hair pack