Founder's Note

Founder's Note

What is the true source of happiness? It is a query that has given many of us sleepless nights. A query that can be answered in many a words or even in absolute silence. A search that is so complex and yet so simple, and a journey that ends where it begins. With every waking moment of my life, I have discovered newer truths about happiness at large. I have had the privilege and opportunity to travel and interact with people across several countries, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, communities. And the one common aspiration I found almost all of us at large had and have, is the pursuit of Happiness & Peace.

As I travelled from one experience to another, one career to another, one city to another, I came to realise of how little we know of the prowess of our own Body, Mind, and Soul. It is indeed true, that a healthy body becomes the home for a strong mind and a spirited soul... as is demonstrated in our philosophy, at Prana Healthcare Centre.

We at Prana, function with a larger focus on improving health in individuals, children, families, corporates through healthy lifestyles, preventive and curative healthcare methods, and through education. Time tested and proven medical science like Ayurveda & Nutrition, Yoga, have always been a boon to us, to avoid the bane of chronic diseases, harmful drugs, and surgical methods. When you prevent a disease, you not only prevent physical agony, but also save your loved ones from the emotional agony it brings.

We hope that with Prana Healthcare centre & Prana Academy for Healthcare studies, more and more individuals, families and corporates would embrace the habit of preventive healthcare and enable themselves to live a more powerful Now.

Dimple Goutham Jangda

About the Founder:

Dimple Goutham is the Founder of Prana Healthcare Centre (Mumbai), Founder of Prana Academy for Healthcare Studies (Mumbai), Managing Partner at Rudra Investments (in New York, boutique Investment banking firm, with focus on cross border Mergers & Acquisitions). She is also an independent Director of construction company Tegmento. Dimple has previously worked as an Investment banker with boutique investment banking firms in Mumbai, as a TV producer with CNBC-TV18 in Mumbai, as a News reporter with News9 in Bangalore, and as a Copywriter and Advertising professional with ad agencies in Chennai.

Dimple graduated in B.Sc. Visual communications, and post graduated in MBA - International Business and Finance. She has widely travelled, and is a trained Artist in Oil painting and mixed mediums, western orchestra on the Violin, classical Kathak, and is passionate about Crossfit, Sailing, Swimming, Surfing, Yoga, and Kalarippayattu.